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Most of you will be wearing pants on the big day, although I know a few will be going commando because the dress is tight and everything you’ve tried shows in some way.  For those wearing pants, read on.


Looking for extra cheek, extra hip?  There are so many good options out there now with a little extra padding. This website seems to have a great range


Low back pants with control? I personally think have got this right and I struggle to find anything else in the market that compares.


Dresses with the sides cut out try a pant with a clear strap Boohoo have these (limited colours though)


Stick on pants! They exist, I know right! Will they last all day?  I have now had feedback from brides who have worn these and report no issues.  We have stock available and you can find them here


Do a search on ASOS and you’ll find all sorts of shapewear solutions that range in price from £10 - £83


As with most thing these days a search on Amazon will also throw up some excellent solutions.


When you are shopping for your dress, have the pants on that you feel gives you the control, fit and comfort you like.  If they look good with the dress you order, bingo! You’ve cracked it.  If they don’t, you’ll have time to figure out what style pants will work.  This is shopping homework you can start as soon as you have bought your dress and not something you panic about a week before your fitting.  


We CANNOT DO a fitting without the underwear, shapewear, or shoes you will be wearing on the day.  If you haven’t had your dress with you to try on various options at home, bring various options to a fitting to try on. 


The main rule when buying your pants is that they are as close to your skin colour as is possible.  Ivory and white will build up on the ivory and white colour of your dress and show through.

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