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Tips & Tricks for Bridesmaids

  • Make sure the girls try on before booking apts with the shoes they'll be wearing on the day along with bra, shapewear, underwear. 


  • Hems should just touch the floor.  Have bridesmaids stand straight, don't look down, this drops the hem, walk forward looking ahead and they slightly kick as they move.  If they can do that without tripping, they're good to go!  if the dress is too long, book on in.


  • Sometimes changing the shoe height will work and could be more cost effective than paying for hem alteration. 


  • This year we have seen a lot of bridesmaid’s dresses with adjustable straps.  Check those are correct for your fit.  It’s amazing how many people don’t do this.


  • Costs involved depend on fabric type, volume, layers and if the dress is having hem length all the way round or just the front dropping into the sides.  We can give a ball park figure once we have a little more info and pics of the dress.


  • Costs to alter is not relative to the cost of the dress.  An absolute bargain ASOS dress for 25.00 may still need a 35.00 – 70.00 hem.


  • Re sizing bridesmaids’ dresses can range from £80 - £150.00 buying an alternative dress may be more cost effective.


  • We often get asked to add sleeves, straps etc. especially for those who want more coverage.  If its cost budget friendly to do so order a spare dress so the fabrics match perfectly.  We can source fabric but it’s not always as good as getting the exact same fabric.


  • Body changing bridesmaids – Over the course of the year we have a lot of dresses come through that need altering to accommodate a growing baby bump.  We can add lace up backs, move waistlines up and even add panels.  These can all be costly, possible but not budget friendly.  Send us pics of the dress for an idea of what is possible.


  • If your bridesmaids are spread throughout the UK I would strongly advise that they have alterations carried out close to their home.  Although its lovely to have fittings together and tie in with hen weekends etc. it can be very stressful to organise everyone to be in one place and what if someone needs more than 2 fittings?! I think on top of planning a wedding, for the brides and bridesmaids’ sanity I would strongly advise that bridesmaids have alterations close to their home.

Pricing Alterations for Bridesmaids


We have 3 price lists for bridesmaids, Drop off, Post in and In person.


  • Drop off or Post -  You can drop the dress in with instructions, e.g. hem to be taken up 2inches all around, straps to be shortened 1inch left and right. We have altered a lot of dresses these last few years like this, as it’s not always been easy getting people in for fittings with covid restrictions etc. It has worked well but it is at your risk. You can also post garments to us and have them posted back. Email us and we can send you the paperwork to fill out.


  • In Person -  Includes two fittings, one to pin the dress to fit and the second to check alteration. 

Steaming Service 


Even if the dresses don’t need altering, we can steam them for you.  It is 10.00 per dress.  If you need a garment bag ours are £5.00


Steaming is done on a Tuesday ready for pickup the same week on the Thursday.

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