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Some dresses have enough structure with a fit that will hold you and you won’t need extra support.  However, some brides would like a little more support, bump, or cleavage and some like to wear something as it feels weird not to! 


There has been a bit of a revolution in boob support.  No longer is it only a bra on offer but all sorts of wonderful inventions.  Here’s some help and advice on the boob area….


We often hear 'can you just add cups’.  This might be an option but in some dresses on some bodies they prove to be not helpful and push the dress away from the body.  Sometimes it is best to get a nude strapless bra and sometimes we will need to cut it up so don’t spend big money on one.  


Larger cup sizes need more support try Bravissimo they have a good range of bra solutions. See also low front bras Wonderbra and of course there’s good ole Primark.  A bra converter can also work on a strapless bra or any bra to bring it down for a low back.


BUT before you go for cups or strapless bra consider stick on solutions, we’ve been quite impressed by Boomba (I haven’t seen larger cup sizes, couldn’t say for D+).  I think tapes from companies such as Perky Pear are amazing, we also carry stock here. They hold the bust in position and take the weight of larger cup sizes off the shoulders.  A good point to make here is that tiny straps are not designed to hold up larger cup sizes, you will need structure and support in the dress or underwear to do the work, not two little tulle straps.


Also try the rabbit ear stick on’s, they can be good on smaller cup sizes. Having said that I have used them and I’m a D! they were good for a couple of wears. John Lewis also have a good range online.


You may have to try a few different options to get to the perfect solution.  If you get it down to one or two ideas bring them in to try at your first fitting.  You MUST have your underwear/shapewear/bras/stick on solutions for your first fitting.  Leave labels on if you think that something might not work, and you’ll be able to return it. 

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