Bridal Alterations

With over 40yrs of pattern cutting, sewing & tailoring between myself & my seamstresses we have years of experience.


  Whether it’s the simplest alteration, the complete re-modelling of a dress or a bespoke commission, we have seen

and done it all! 


We can work with you on creating anything from your

wedding dress to embellished shoes.  

You'll work with Shay on a true one off.  Shay has been designing bridal for 22yrs with a background in fashion design and

pattern cutting anything is achievable.  

Choose from the very best in UK Fabric supply with sustainable options.

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Small Runs

Do you have an idea that needs help bringing to life?  

We can help with fabric sourcing, print design and initial pattern. 

 Are you producing product but just need a bit of help from time to time?  

This is something we can help with.  We have worked with fellow bridal and accessory designers.  Print designers in transforming their prints to wear and even garden wear and accessories.


We'd love to hear from you